Trade Deadline: Should Avs Fans Be Worried?

The NHL trade deadline is rapidly approaching. The deadline is 3 P.M. Eastern on Wednesday March 1. And as of Sunday February 26, the Colorado Avalanche have yet to deal any of their pending Unrestricted Free Agents (UFAs).

The feet of the Colorado Avalanche are firmly planted in the basement of the NHL standings. Not only are the Avs far out of the playoffs but they are even miles behind the league’s second worst team – the Arizona Coyotes.

The Avalanche are sellers. They have been clear sellers for 2 months now. And for a team who is looking to retool/rebuild and get younger, the trade deadline is a perfect time to unload some of their veterans on expiring contracts for picks and/or prospects.

They have several UFA’s which include Jarome Iginla, Fedor Tyutin, John Mitchell, Andreas Martinsen and Rene Bourque. As well they have some Restricted Free Agents (RFAs) that they have been rumored to be interested in parting with, including Patrick Wiercioch, Eric Gelinas and Mikhail Grigorenko.

Many have wondered if Hall Of Fame player, now Avalanche General Manager Joe Sakic is cut out for his new career. Does he actually know how to run a team? Well, I guess we’ll find out by Wednesday evening.

Avalanche fans definitely have the right to be nervous. Joe Sakic has made some questionable decisions as the main man in charge in the front office. He’s made some bad signings/trades as a buyer.

But as a seller? Well, he had the chance two seasons ago when the Avs were far enough out of the playoffs not to make the post-season but a hot streak kept them in the hunt. Sakic had the chance to sell veteran d-man Jan Hejda to a playoff team but decided to hang on to him. In the end, the Avs missed the playoffs and Hejda would not come back after the season ended. The asset walked for nothing…

And that CANNOT happen this time. The front office can’t squander the opportunity they have and turn their veterans into picks/prospects. Failing to do would be a catastrophe.

Many do wonder whether there is any interest in the Avs’ UFAs. Although none of them are having great years, all of them could be good depth players for any playoff team. Is there any interest in Iginla, Tyutin, Bourque, Mitchell and Martinsen? I don’t know. But Sakic has to make other teams interested.

Joe Sakic’s future and reputation as the Avalanche General Manager very well may be riding at this year’s deadline.

Should Avs fans be worried that the Avalanche haven’t made any trades yet? No. There is still plenty of time before now and the deadline. But should Avs fans be nervous? Well, until the Avalanche front office prove that they are up to the task of running a team properly then yes, Avs fans should be a bit nervous.

Hold on to your hats. The next couple of days shall be interesting.


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